FortuneBuilders Mastery Coaching

FortuneBuilders Mastery Coaching

FortuneBuilders' Mastery Coaching is a community of investors, comprised of our most motivated students who are committed to learning, growing, reaching their full potential, achieving financial freedom, and time ownership. FortuneBuilders has a formal application and interview process whereby invitations are extended to individuals who possess the specific criteria we believe every student needs in order to ensure a very high probability of success. Our goal through our unparalleled coaching program, is to lead these hand-selected people on the path to build a business that, like ours, is not only profitable, it also gives you the freedom to create your lifestyle by design!
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These examples depicting income or earnings are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Although we have numerous documented successful deals from our coaching students, we cannot track all of our students' results, and therefore cannot provide a typical result. You should assume that the average person makes little to no money or could lose money as there is work and risk associated with investing in real estate. The students depicted have participated in advanced FortuneBuilders' training and coaching. The participants shown are not paid for their stories; however, some of the students depicted may also be a FortuneBuilders' coach, and our coaches are compensated for their services. We believe in full transparency, so please read our Earnings and Income Disclaimers and Terms of Use. Learn more about FortuneBuilders

What is Mastery

Coaching & Support

  • The Power Of Proximity

    Collectively, all the Mastery coaches have completed thousands of real estate deals. No matter the type of deal or what part of the business you are working on there will always be a coach you can work with who specializes in that area.

  • Team Of Experts On Your Side

    Having a faculty of coaches who are experts in different niches of real estate is a significant competitive advantage to growing your business. It is impossible for one person to be an expert in everything so we created what we feel is the most all-encompassing coaching staff in the entire industry.

  • One-on-One Mentoring & Support

    • On-Demand Coaching System - You will get coaching support anytime you need it. Problems come up in business at any moment and they need to be addressed in real-time.
    • Email Support/One-on-One Coaching Appointments - Direct mastery support is available day or night through phone and email to address your most pressing time-sensitive questions. You will have full access to all of Mastery coaches on rotation should you need to schedule a one-on-one appointment.
    • Emergency Phone Hotline - Help?! Anytime you are in an urgent situation where you are about to make or lose money...we are here! We have an emergency phone hotline for direct access to a coach.
    • Deal Submission Review - Submit your deal analysis to the coaches and let them review the numbers. Doing the wrong deal, offering too much or not factoring in all the numbers could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
    • Customized Buisness Plan Creation - Review your business plans with a coach and create an individual business plan to help you create the right strategy you want to pursue and learn how to best utilize Mastery to achieve YOUR specific goals!
    • Business Review Checkpoints - Every 1 to 2 weeks, you will have a 1-on-1 call with your coach to evaluate your progress and discuss your struggles and your successes.
  • The Mastery Community

    • Student Collaboration - The Mastery community is a powerful tool that allows students to collaborate, share experiences and provide additional guidance.
    • FortuneBuilders Gives - Philanthropy is a core belief and FB Gives is our initiative to proactively create relationships and opportunities for FortuneBuilders team members and students to give back to their communities.
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Training, Implementation & Tools

  • Weekly Live Training & Coaching Webinar Classes

    • Q&A Coaching Calls - Live question and answer webinar classes where our coaches take you through the elements of closing deals. We will walk you through fundamental marketing campaigns, taking leads, deal analysis, discuss financing, writing contracts and submitting offers.
    • Business Building and Business Growth Coaching Calls - Live business building classes are designed to develop you entrepreneurial skills and dive deep into the implementation of crucial aspects and systems within your business.
    • "Case Study" Training Classes - LIVE case studies conducted by Mastery students who have recently closed deals. The student will give a full rundown of the deal including the obstacles they encountered and how they were handled. One of the best ways to learn is through case studies, not only from coaches, but from actual students.
  • Mastery Learning Center

    • Customized Curriculum - We create a curriculum based on your goals, experience level and time commitments. We do not have a "one-size-fits-all" approach to the program. It will be zoned in to focus on the building blocks you need in order to grow in the direction you're looking to take your business.
    • Intermediate & Advanced Investor Training Classes - Upon completing your customized curriculum and getting your business up and running, you will need the next level of training. These classes are focused on higher-level investment concepts.
  • Action Plans & System Implementation

    • Weekly Action Plans - We organize and prioritize what you need to execute on a day-to-day basis. These are highly detailed action plans to effectively use your time and quickly implement systems.
    • Action Plan Video + Implementation Checklist - We provide all the essential documents and resources needed to complete the action plan including training modules, step-by-step videos and downloadable implementation checklists.
  • Foundational Systems & Course Materials

    Mastery begins with the foundational systems for building a business. Through the course material you will gain a deep understanding of the mechanics of doing a deal and the framework for running a business. Likewise, you will learn how and why to we divide the business into divisions to successfully leverage other people's time and effort. The courses are your blueprints for your investing business, with step-by-step systems dissecting each component of our business model.

  • Mastery Business Management System

    A back office CRM & Database is the glue that will hold your real estate business together and run all the moving parts like a well-oiled machine. Our custom designed back-end office system for real estate investors, is the all-in-one solution for business management needs.

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Live Events & Bootcamps

  • Local Full Immersion Training

    The 2-day Full Immersion event is held in your local real estate market and is an intimate, hands-on training teaching the foundational systems for finding deals, analyzing deals, negotiating deals, obtaining funding and making consistent and strategic offers.

  • Wholesaling & Marketing Bootcamp

    The Wholesaling bootcamp is taught by Than Merrill and provides a firm understanding of how to wholesale all types of real estate deals. This intensive training is systematic as Than breaks down all the systems to wholesale multiple deals per month.

  • Rehabbing Bootcamp

    Taught by Paul Esajian and JD Esajian, this bootcamp teaches the systems for creating scopes of work, understanding material, labor and construction costs, and managing the renovation process itself. Students also go on site to actual rehab projects in different phases of construcion for real world hands-on training.

  • REO/Short Sale Bootcamp

    The REO/Short Sale Bootcamp provides advanced training on the foundational marketing, aquisition, and loss mitigation systems required to handle REO and short sale transactions. REOs and short sales are a large part of many Mastery students' businesses, thus a high level training was created.

  • Commercial Academy

    At the Commercial Academy we focus on teaching you how to get started investing in commercial real estate and building your long term portfolio.

Long Term Wealth-Building

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